Customer Access

What You Need to Know

Watch our customer information video for details about our facilities, operations and processes that will help you to better understand our business and the relationship we want to have with you. Below, we answer some questions that get asked frequently.


  • What do you do with the wallboard waste that we drop off?
  • How do you process the wallboard?
  • Where does the gypsum go? 
  • What do the wallboard manufacturers do with the gypsum you bring back to them? 
  • Do we get paid to bring our wallboard waste to you? 
  • How much do we pay you?
  • How much of the gypsum material you collect goes to landfill?
  • Can the wallboard that is being brought in to your facility have paint or wallpaper on it? 
  • Why can’t I crush up wallboard and put it in my garden? 
  • Do you take any other waste products? 
  •  Will you come get the wallboard waste? 

Safety & Awareness

At all of our facilities, safety is first and foremost. At all times staff are available to direct you and answer any questions you may have. Safety rules are posted at the entrance gate of each of our facilities – they are also available for your review at each facility’s website. You can link to the facility closest to you on our Coordinates page.