Shared Opportunity

Strong Partners. Strong Results.

shared_opp-300x204NWGR has been recycling wallboard waste for almost 35 years – we have a tried and tested model that profitably works for our company and our wallboard manufacturing partners. To date, we have recycled 5M metric tonnes of gypsum material, globally.

Recycling and re-using gypsum material will reduce the need for virgin raw material. Use of recycled material has the potential for lowering costs in producing new drywall products. The business model for drywall manufacturers using recycled gypsum is compelling – you save by paying a low fee for disposal of manufacturing scrap and you can lengthen the useful life of gypsum mine resources.

Partnering Framework
NWGR has the highest quality recycled product in the industry. Our model which relies on patented processes and advanced equipment married with experienced teams at each of our facilities, leads the way in world-class technical and safety standards.

Wallboard manufacturers are assured their feedstock is of a consistent blend. With virtually no capital investment, you can help to conserve natural resources while responsibly endorsing sustainable processes and products.


We want to work with you to enable our successful business model in your region. We together can share the benefits of recycling gypsum wallboard waste if you:

  • Have the ability and desire to use recycled gypsum within your production lines.
  • Have at least 10,000 metric tonnes of production scrap, annually.
  • Are in a region where post-consumer waste can be collected.

There are significant benefits available to your production facility if you partner with the New West Gypsum Recycling team. You can have:

  •  Lower cost feedstock
  • Minimized cost for production scrap removal
  • Better quality and more consistent gypsum product
  • The benefit of our 35 years’ experience and our patented processes
  • Closer and stronger relationships with your customers


We can work with you to optimize gypsum reutilization in your region while leveraging your strengths in the recycling and material collection sectors.

When material goes to a landfill that should be destined for a recycling stream it represents an enormous loss of resources and economic opportunity. It is not just the material or energy value of the waste that is lost, but also the business opportunities associated with recycling and with integrating the recovered resources into new products and packaging that can be sold again.