Closed-Loop for Gypsum Recycling

ClosedLoop_page2The ideal solution for gypsum material is a closed-loop re-utilization of the material. That is, recycled material is returned to the wallboard manufacturer to re-enter the wallboard manufacturing process.

NWGR offers a closed-loop sustainable solution that ensures gypsum is not ‘lost’ as it is with composting or land spreading. Gypsum can essentially be recycled forever with no degradation to the material. NWGR’s philosophy keeps gypsum material in the supply chain, reducing the need to extract virgin material which helps to preserve valuable, natural resources for generations to come. Construction waste management guidelines are documented in every green building program. NWGR provides documentation and an audit trail to certify recycling of gypsum materials for participants in programs such as BREEAM and LEED.

NWGR has a proven business model – it’s worked for almost three decades. We have strong relationships with wallboard manufacturers who have consistently grown the recycled content of their wallboard products. NWGR is so confident in our business model and solution technology that we offer risk mitigation to wallboard manufacturers.

Our process model is tried, tested and true. Since the beginning, we’ve never had a load rejected. We continually work with the wallboard manufacturers on process improvement and our modular equipment allows for efficient technology evolution. An essential part of our process is human ability – hand sorting before processing assures the highest quality feedstock for manufacturers. Our long-term employees at each of our facilities lead the way in world-class technical and safety standards.

Green Building Programs

Today, more and more green building programs are creating specific construction waste management frameworks. Typically, an audit trail needs to be retained in order to garner the points associated with waste management programs with which you participate – it is no different for recycling gypsum waste. In order for you to participate with our waste management audit trail you must have an account with us. We will provide to you specific letters for the green building program you are working within. These letters need to be used in conjunction with the scale invoice you receive after each visit. If you have any questions about how we can help with your audit trail, please contact our office staff at +1 (604) 534-9925, or use the Contact Form on our website.